Let us take that off your hands

Caddy will pick up anything right where you are, store it, and then deliver it to you just when you need it.

Want to get rid of that suitcase until you need to catch your flight tomorrow?

Want to go for a run to look good in all those clothes you just bought?

Want to meet up with some friends for some drinks after a long day of biking?

Want to deal with the furniture later rather than sooner?

Caddy is...


Plan days in whole new ways with the power of Caddy. Don't let anything hold you back except for your ability to keep putting one foot in front of the other.


One of our expert drivers will show up right where you happen to be to take your items, and do it again to deliver them. It (literally) can't get any easier than this.


All your items are stored securely and with care. All items are also insured up to $10000.